Working with us: In a conker shell


Our mission is to create effective design and memorable buying experiences. The design results we create often need to fulfil a clear business vision, stand out in-store and online, and encapsulate Corporate Social Values (CSV).

There’s a lot to achieve with one pack and we achieve it through 5 distinctive phases. We work with FMCG clients across a variety of categories on some or all five phases, depending on the needs of the brief.

Step 1: It all starts with the pack

We work with people who make decisions about design and product marketing to work on the cornerstone of any new product initiative – the packaging! It might be to extend a product range, launch a new product, or create a limited-edition piece of packaging design.

Step 2: Define a shopper marketing strategy

We imagine how the physical pack will be elevated in-store, outdoors and online – writing and planning a shopper marketing strategy that will engage shoppers at every point of the customer journey.

Step 3: Define a trade communications strategy

A strong set of distribution channels is essential for any FMCG company to succeed. So, once the packaging and shopper marketing strategy is in place, it’s time for us to get to work creating an engaging trade box and presentation to get those products successfully listed. Brands often only get one chance to nail it, so we create sell-in tool-kits that make the most of every minute.

Step 4: Visual Theatre (VT)

This is what we fondly call ‘Assets of Wonder’. VT is used to elevate packaging designs online and in-store with beautiful and creative interpretations of the pack to increase engagement. From inspiring lifestyle photography and animation, through to highly detailed 3D visual renders, VT takes the visual experience beyond the packaging to add the magic that brings products to life, tells stories and enhances campaign messages.

Step 5: Creation of the final assets

With the assets of wonder all prepped, we fulfil the project by artworking all the marketing assets set out in the shopper marketing strategy. From the packaging itself through to life-size POS, interactive display and sampling areas.

More about our approach

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