Just 3 specialist areas

We work with FMCG brands to captivate shoppers & trade buyers with highly visual brand experiences.

Shopper Marketing

Branded Packaging

Trade Comms


Creating concepts & key visuals for campaigns with clear customer journeys in mind.


Amplifying campaign messages in-store with highly visual, real-scene brand experiences.


Enhancing online packaging experiences with visual renders, animation and lifestyle photography.

Shopper Marketing

Going beyond packaging to amplify brand superpowers

We elevate messages beyond the pack to create highly visual experiences in-store, outdoors and online.

Navigating shoppers to the pack

Even before a customer holds a product in their hand for the first time, we use design communications to educate, persuade and inspire after identifying key marketing opportunities throughout the shopper journey.

Using our consumer insight knowledge, we map out customer journeys and identify key marketing touchpoints to add value to the shopping experience.

Enhancing the online experience of the pack

Crafting a piece of packaging design is an important investment for any FMCG brand, but the products aren’t always displayed online in a way that does the packaging justice.

We work with clients to create the same impact online as we do in-store to achieve maximum value from the original design investment.

Branded packaging designs are adapted into striking 3D visual renders and sensory lifestyle photography is captured to create context.

Aiding shopper navigation

We bring enhanced brand experiences to shoppers using highly visual product imagery, sensory campaign visuals and exciting sampling areas.

We design, visualise, artwork and produce high resolution real-scene imagery, card units, bespoke sampling stands, leaflets and large public display adverts to create high impact instore experiences.



The number of years we’ve worked with Cadburys on their in-store shopper marketing.
confectionary brands


The number of promotional, life-size vehicles we’ve designed for market leading confectionary brands


Understanding brand values, personality and ambition with a ‘total immersion’ phase.


Inspiring shoppers to pick products up with bold, disruptive, well-crafted design.


Preparing packaging design for technical print, proofing and production runs.

Branded Packaging

Total Immersion for positive disruption

Workshops, design audits and market research reveal barriers to market that we overcome using design and messaging, giving challenger brands the chance to be different, disrupt and get noticed.

To meet the changing needs of the retail landscape, we have developed a packaging design methodology for a diverse range of categories, including food, drinks, healthcare and sports nutrition.

Concept to realisation

From a single pack to product ranges with multiple skus, we offer safe to brave design options that consider different graphic treatments, branding and structural innovation.

Brave & Inventive

We develop brave and inventive ways of making new connections with shoppers beyond a brands core packaging with NPD, gift packaging, limited editions, on-pack promotions and range extensions.

Production to specification

It is vital that approved designs are represented in print as originally intended.

Our technical artworkers are meticulous in their methodology, interpreting complex die lines and converting graphics into layered artwork. They carefully colour match, proof read, add important folds and cutter-guides.



The number of Hortus Gin liqueur bottles sold per hour in November 2017. That’s 7 bottles sold per minute! The Hortus gin liqueurs have been Lidl's fastest-selling own-brand to date, achieving sell-out of both the raspberry and rhubarb gin liqueurs.
HiPP Organic


HiPP Organics overall market share increase following the pack re-design. Overall sales increased by 10%, with jars sales increasing by 7% against a market decline of 5%.


Bringing excitement & visual theatre to internal teams and 
trade buying meetings.

Trade Boxes

Creating memorable bespoke presentation kits that delight and inspire to achieve trade buy-in.

Trade Events

Inspiring product engagement & sampling at events with interactive stands and sales materials.

Trade Comms

Making it real for trade buyers

With a limited window of time available to brand and marketing managers, we craft presentations and sales tools to make the most of every minute, to convince buyers to love and list a new pack or a product range.

We design and script, commercially persuasive and beautifully executed presentations and combine them with interactive ‘sell-in’ kits that eloquently captures a brand proposition.

Going beyond packaging to get products listed

We work closely with brands to present new product ideas to buying teams to get products listed in top retailers.

Engaging presentations and shopper marketing visuals help buyers to visualise the product working in-store, achieving sales and keeping their key categories lively.

Getting the trade to love products

From interactive pop-up story books to intriguing trade boxes, our team develop inventive and highly visual brand propositions to communicate how products work in the shopping environment at different touchpoints, demonstrating how customers are engaged before they even reach the aisle.

Increasing trial & engagement at trade shows

Having an impressive trade stand, sales materials and a consistent message is key to inspiring trial and engagement with a new product offering.

It’s the best way to visually communicate how a product campaign will engage customers in-store, so if an impressive experience can be achieved at a trade show, the product has a higher chance of being listed.

We create full-size visuals for trade areas featuring key campaigns messages to navigate trade buyers to leave them with a memorable experience.



The number of years we’ve worked with Cadburys on their in-store shopper marketing.
confectionary brands


The number of promotional in-store vehicles we’ve designed for market leading confectionary brands.
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