Branding & Packaging

Still Wild – Exquisite Hand-Foraged Spirits

It all started with one man’s vision – to create a drinks company producing the wildest, most natural spirits made from unique hand-foraged ingredients.

And so Still Wild was born.

Our client knew he wanted his brand to be a combination of natural meets modern and minimal, with an eye-catching design that was set apart from anything else on the market, and so everything about his packaging design is unique, bespoke and original.

From the elegant bottle sprayed with a bespoke Still Wild green, to the unique label shape, creating an ownable style for the minimal branding.

The label is a natural paper stock, hand applied over a beautiful screen-printed illustration of the truly unique botanicals used to make this incredible vermouth.

For first time entrepreneurs like James, bringing a new brand to market can be complex, and we’ve enjoyed working very closely and collaboratively with him through the whole journey. Embracing his vision and expert knowledge of his products, and overlaying our experience and strategic insight to help guide him through not only the design process, but helping with sourcing, production and logistics too – everything needed to bring Still Wild to market.

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