A 23 year-old single grain whisky in need of a name and identity. Inspired by the Scottish Highlanders and their main means of defence at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, ‘The Targe’ was born.

With Germany being the 5th largest importer of Scotch Whisky, Lidl UK recognised an opportunity to create a premium own-label Scotch whisky brand for their more knowledgeable and discerning whisky connoisseur.

The bottle and the tube feature a distinctive hand-drawn emblem in the style of an intricately decorated targe shield. A powerful and premium combination of black and gold were used to complement the rich amber tones, synonymous with a highland whisky packaging design.

It’s no mean feat to create a premium tier alcohol brand within 6 weeks. To deliver a design that has credible provenance cues and strong brand equity, is also impressive. To do all of the above, on one beautifully crafted design, specifically for sale in the international market is something else. Design Activity understood the multitude of complexities we had with our 23-year old whisky project. They responded with creative routes that hit the key requirements of the brief in each one. Having chosen a route, development was considered and quick. Crucially artwork was accurate and delivered on time, vital for this product launch.

Shelley Green Team Manager – Design Strategy Lidl UK

An authentic new brand identity and packaging design created for the German market.


Time, care and craft go into creating single grain whisky, so it was important that an equal measure of craft and dedication was applied to the label detailing to reflect the product within.

A highland whisky with true grit

Whisky is all about the heritage of a brand, or the provenance of the product and the design needs to reflect this. In the case of The Targe, the product is 23 years old, but the brand is new, so building a brand that appears to have heritage comes through creating a unique story. Creating the story is the first step, and the second is to design packaging with an incredible level of detail to bring the story to life and making it look credible.

Mark Stubbington
, Design Director