Sophisticated two-tone packaging and glowing neon accent colours create dynamic on-shelf appeal to re-invigorate a range of sports insoles in-store and online.

Sorbothane’s range of insoles were lacking the freshness and dynamism associated with sports brands and sales were in decline. They needed to re-establish themselves as the leading sports insole brand and invited us to refresh and modernise their identity with a inspirational packaging design.

A distinctive Sorbothane ‘S’ is used across the range to create an iconic shape that holds an image of an insole. Communication on-pack has been dramatically simplified, using colour coding to define the 6 different products.

Sorbothane wanted an insole that would look good both outside and inside the shoe, leaving customers feeling proud to wear it. In-line with the packaging design we re-designed the insole top sheets to reflect the bold colour coding – offering a flash of colour and a glimpse of the iconic ‘S’ shape.

Game Changing & Trainer Enhancing Insoles