Geometric shapes, dynamic lines and bright accents of colour create a structurally innovative gift range for Nivea Men.

The male gifting category is becoming more competitive and the trade are demanding more innovation from brands to retain shelf space. Nivea Men has strong credentials in male grooming and were looking to maximise this year-on-year with eye-catching gift packaging.

Male gifting is an unusual category as the buyer is predominantly female, but the recipient is male, so the challenge is to appeal to both audiences - to reassure the female buyers of quality, whilst creating structure and graphics that appeal to male recipients.

The Nivea Men gift range consisted of 15 gift packs, so we created different structures and graphics to reflect the formulas inside, as well as the price points.

The colours used reflect the modern masculinity of the core products, whilst dynamic lines and bright, bold colour accents create drama on-shelf. The use of foils and varnishes creates a tactile feel and differentiate between the product ranges.

Growth with gifting

“Design Activity have such a significant knowledge of the gifting market. They have provided innovation and creativity and their designs have played a significant part in the year on year growth that Nivea Men has achieved.”

Clare Wright, Gifting Manager, Beiersdorf

The structural innovation created to differentiate the packs was developed by DA’s in-house cardboard technicians and involved drawing cutter guides and testing with prototyping pre-presentation to ensure the designs were suitable for production. The structural results complement the on-pack graphics to form a complete pack.

61% of men receiving a Nivea Men gift pack felt more positive about the brand as a result

78% claimed to be likely to purchase other products from the brand