Empowering consumers to feel exceptional, not just functional is what LivLife is all about. With a new brand logo and packaging design created to reflect their ethos, LivLife are ready to reinvent the bread aisle! In August 2020, just after launch, sales were already up 9% vs the same month 2019.

LivLife originally released their ‘half the carbs’ bread in 2013 based on insight that 40% of UK adults wanted to reduce carbs but didn’t want to give up bread. 6yrs later and this insight has become even more relevant, but the consumer and the category has evolved. So, the brand needed a redesign to better suit the expectations of today’s aspirational, health conscious consumer and convey their brand positioning of bread that make you feel good mentally and physically.

The bold patterns and colours overlaying the hand drawn script of the new brand identity combine to make you feel happy. It shouts vitality and optimism. The bright colours contrasted against a clean white background enable the vibrancy of the brand identity to jump out at consumers. Delivering a striking impact compared to other brands on the bread fixture. Enticing consumers to pick it up and take it home! This simplified and stripped back design allowed the few key messages on pack to be clear and concise and really pack a punch so consumers feel like they are making a better choice, not settling for a compromise.

Better for you bread, bursting with vitality!

Design and Print Innovations

Our LivLife packaging design breaks the conventional bread printing ‘rules’ where brand logos are positioned on the sides and tops of pack. The problem with the traditional orientation is that the design and the brand logos often end up being split by the sealing process. Another issue that occurs in-store is that the design is often partially hidden behind the edge of the shelf.


To solve this, we treated the shopping experience as the catalyst for the packaging design ‘reorientation’, using the bottom half of the pack as a window, so no key information is obscured by the shelf lip, and the top half of the pack as our ‘field of vision’ canvas. By focusing on just two large logos folding over from the side to the top of the pack we have maximised the visible space as the pack sits on shelf – facing the brand directly into the consumers line of sight. This innovative layout helps create a cleaner, more consistent look, and ensures the full logo will be seen on shelf.


To maximise colour impact and increase the vibrancy on pack we implemented a combination of both matte and gloss varnishes on the packaging design – something more commonly found in card packaging. This technique used on our LivLife packaging design is unique to the bread fixture, using matte varnish on the white background to create a non-reflective surface, which allows the gloss on the coloured areas to shine and therefore maximise the colour contrast making the colour really pop.


“LivLife is a great product with so much consumer love, it’s brilliant to have a brand and packaging design that perfectly reflects what we stand for. We have had great feedback about the new design and it looks amazing on shelf! I can’t wait for the next stage of the journey.”

Ruth McGrath, Brand Marketing Manager