An exquisite bottle design for a hand-made, small batch London dry gin - named after the founders' gorgeous dog, Jake.

The maker, Ed, wanted a modern twist on the classic London dry gin brands, with packaging that reflects the crafted, delicate ingredient balance and expertise that goes into distilling such an exquisite gin.

A tall, elegant bottle, wrapped in images of the ingredients used to make the gin portrays both taste and beauty. The branding is reminiscent of classic spirit design whilst an emblem of Jake's head gives a modern twist, and a nod to the reasoning and personality behind the name. A modern rendition of the classic London dry gin.

Design Activity have created an attractive and distinctive design for my Jake’s gin branding which I am immensely proud of. They helped manage every step of the process which is exactly what I needed, as creating and launching a brand is very new to me. I’m so pleased with the final result, we really love it. Our bottles look beautiful and hopefully gin lovers will think so too!

Ed May - Founder

Tell a brand story through packaging

A high quality product such as Jake’s gin deserves a design that encapsulates and elevates the story of the brand through beautiful packaging.

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