For the younger gin connoisseur, traditionally distilled & hand-crafted gin liqueurs offer something a bit different. Delicate floral fruits and spices are brought to the surface to add flavour appeal in an imaginative and vibrant way, whilst retaining the Hortus style.

This has become Lidl's fastest-selling own-brand to date, achieving sell-out of both the raspberry and rhubarb gin liqueurs, with rave reviews from gin lovers UK-wide. Sales reached over 400 bottles per hour per hour in November 2017. That’s 7 bottles sold per minute!

With the gin category rising in popularity, Lidl wanted to introduce a limited-edition range of gin liqueurs under the Hortus brand to inspire the younger more experimental gin drinker. They wanted to merge two distinctly different worlds - the traditional, dark and rich opulence of liqueurs, with the light, delicate fresh cues of modern flavoured gin.

Beautiful botanicals deserve a beautiful packaging design. Each illustration features key ingredients to create a visual circle, including tiny discoverable animal characters, including the special tortoise the gin is named after, ‘Hortus the tortoise’.

This wasn’t a simple brief; we needed Design Activity to deliver a design solution that would appeal to a younger, inquisitive market, already immersed in exploring craft gin, but disinterested in liqueurs, and at the same time, retain the core brand equity of the flavoured Hortus gins. We were looking for a forward looking, strategic and creative approach and Design Activity did this and more. They freed Jane Randfield’s beautiful illustrations from the constraints of the traditional Hortus Wreath, flooding the labels with colour to reinforces the fruit flavours. The bottles have terrific shelf impact that’s converted into a phenomenal success, not only in terms of sales, but in enhancing the Hortus brand.

Shelley Green, Team Manager – Design Strategy, Lidl UK

Two flavours, Rhubarb and Ginger, and Raspberry were sold in stores throughout the UK & Ireland in the lead up to Christmas with the Hortus brand featuring in Lidl’s high-profile TV Christmas campaign “Every Lidl Thing For Christmas.” A character called the Tipple Technician was created to appeal to the home-based cocktail formulator.

Labels are reverse printed so that the beautiful illustrations are gradually revealed on the inside as the gin is consumed, featuring tiny discoverable animals and insects.

Bespoke botanical illustrations for hand-crafted gins.