A custom-made children’s pop-up storybook and presentation design bring the colourful proposition of HiPP Buddies to the trade.

HiPP Organic baby food pouches underwent a radical redesign to introduce a new range of characters, the ‘HiPP Buddies’. Following the re-design, our challenge was to introduce them to the trade in an innovative and memorable way.

In a stagnant, promotion driven category, trade presentations are often in need of sparkle to make an impact, so we decided to create something extra special.

We created a tangible and interactive experience that would take the buying team on an exciting and colourful journey into the world of the HiPP Buddies characters.

The experience features the pouches as the cast in a children’s pop-up story book, combined with a carefully designed presentation to deliver enticing bold visuals and key messages within a short time-frame.


Presentation tools were created for the HiPP team to bring excitement and theatre to internal teams and trade buyer meetings – all featuring the new packaging.


The strategy created for HiPP was based on our early insights into Mum’s association with the development of her baby as their tastes and preferences grow. The aim of the strategy was to encourage learning and development instead of encouraging pester power that often results from Mum’s imposed preferences.

Getting the trade to love HiPP Buddies

A brand manager only has one chance to make a great first impression when presenting a new concept to the trade buyers. By thinking through a trade comms strategy early on, they can maximise the value of their investment in new packaging design and shopper marketing.”

Rikki Payne, Design Director

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