Inspired by consumers' drive for products with natural added benefits, Danone created INFINITY WATER. A new product which offers purified spring water enhanced with a perfect balance of electrolytes, zinc and selenium. Danone understand the importance of creating an intriguing sell-in strategy for the trade, and asked us to work with them to bring this to life.

We were asked to take the core essence and unique proposition of the brand being the next generation of water, and transform this into a compelling and exciting trade box to help elevate the product as being 'better than normal water'. Accompanied by an intriguing and informative leave-behind as a physical and visual reminder.

The added extras in INFINITY WATER help to feed the body and mind, and the trade presenter reflects this through a calming and sophisticated design. The clean and minimal design of the box cleverly unfolds to tease, inform and then finally reveal a sample of the bottle, hidden in the centre.

Health is not just about looking after our bodies, but also our minds and overall wellbeing.

Danone Infinity Target Audience

A beautifully designed booklet to be left with the trade buyers ensures they have easy access to all the key product information at any time…presented in an engaging and memorable way to break the mindset of ‘normal’.

A full support kit of shopper marketing materials was visualised to enhance the sales presentation, help bring the product to life for the buyers and showcase the kind of full support kit Danone would be offering in support of the launch.

All the materials were visualised to gain trade support, ahead of actual production.


We were delighted by how much our sales teams were motivated by the Infinity trade kit and other sell-in materials, which they were able to use to great effect in presentations with the trade, resulting in very positive feedback. Thank you Design Activity!

Tom Hickton, Marketing Lead, local brands, Danone Waters