Costa Coffee & Tassimo teamed up to bring the great taste experience of Costa coffee shop to the comfort of the consumer’s home using Tassimo’s T-disk system, ‘simply at the touch of a button’.

To leverage the key brand equities of the Costa coffee experience supported by the functionality of Tassimo across all traditional marketing touchpoints. This mainstream collaboration required instantly recognisable big brand impact.

We went big. A navigation strategy was adopted in-store, focusing on the core campaign message ‘Enjoy Costa at home’ to encourage product trial through emotive sensory experiences, guiding customers towards the coffee aisle.

Sensory in-store experiences bring
costa coffee into the home.

A typical Costa Coffee customer journey was mapped out, enabling us to identity key touch-points, which we could use to raise awareness of the new in-home experience.

A successful shopper marketing campaign will lead the consumer to purchase. With the fixture being the final opportunity for a brand to educate the consumer and influence their decisions, utilising impulse sightings in key locations around the store next to associated products can really increase conversion rates.

Rikki Payne, Design Director