Made in Dorset for generations, Coombe Castle's premium farmhouse cheddar 
uses a bold Union Jack and illustrated drummer boy to capture its heritage.

Coombe Castle wanted to refresh the brand and the design livery of the drummer boy without alienating the conservative export markets of America, Canada and Germany. Seen as a premium cheese product, the brand and packaging needed to appeal to cheese lovers looking for something a little different.

The drummer boy has been stripped back and re-illustrated in a simple and powerful line drawing style to create modernity with authority. The essence of the black livery was retained and enhanced by the introduction of the Union Jack to leverage the British credentials of this distinctive farmhouse cheddar to increase export appeal.

Design Activity really understood our need for both the brand and packaging to work across multiple international markets, with the design leveraging our British provenance and creating a pack with a striking visual identity. We are delighted with the new look and very impressed with the way Design Activity brought the project to life.

Caron Staddon, Marketing Manager, Coombe Castle

Dorset Drum’s key brand equity is the drummer boy and he was in need of a make-over to modernise his look.
We re-illustrated him with greater stature and confidence, looking directly into the eye of the consumer – making him the rightful custodian over Dorset Drum brand.

A proud, premium cheese ready for international export.

Taking products beyond their packaging with visual theatre to create campaign visuals that demand a second glance.