For over 5 years, Mondelez has challenged us to bring the world of Cadbury to shoppers using bold, engaging in-store retail experiences.

To bring campaigns to life in-store with engaging visual experiences, across multiple touchpoints - all designed to excite and surprise shoppers for a range of seasonal and individual product launches.

Taking the lead from Cadbury’s above the line campaign, visual equities are adapted for multiple shopper marketing touchpoints. Corrugated units, bespoke sampling stands, leaflets and large public display adverts, all create engaging shopper journeys.

Campaigns are brought to life with highly visual real-scene concepts, all of which we design, visualise, artwork and produce to create a high impact brand experience.

Inviting shoppers into the magical world of Cadbury


It’s been such a joy to work with Cadbury for 5 years - creating exciting and immersive brand experiences that bring the world of Cadbury to their consumer.

Rikki Payne, Design Director