A radical re-design for this traditional brand, who’s core Teething Biscuits product has been used by five generations of parents. The modern, child-friendly and approachable design will help future-proof the brand for many more generations to come!

Created in 1925, Bickiepegs teething biscuits have been used successfully by several generations of babies to cut their first teeth. Unique, all natural and handcrafted to this day in a purpose-built bakery in Scotland. The product had a great reputation, but the packaging design had changed very little since 1925 and the owners had identified 2 key challenges they wanted to address: Category Fit and Brand Awareness.

Understanding that parents shop for their baby’s based on emotion, it was paramount to connect with them on an emotional level. Bickiepegs was more than a product name it was a brand to believe in, and so we created the ‘Wonderful World of Bickiepegs’ a fantastic child friendly place of animal wonder. Inspired by children’s story books, it evokes the emotive connection of the parent and baby – ‘oh isn’t that cute they’d love that’.

Category Fit

The Baby category has changed considerably over the past few years, and the Bickiepegs packaging was starting to look a bit clinical and serious compared to newer brands in the market. Combining this, with having a product that is ‘food’ based, so would often be stocked with Snacks rather than Teething Products, left the brand at risk of being overlooked by parents thinking it was more medicinal.

Brand Awareness

As the Bickiepegs brand has a heritage of trust in the teething category, the owners had started to extend the brand with new products in this area and had plans for future NPD. They recognised the need to create more of a ‘Brand World’. Bringing the look and feel of all the Bickiepegs products together to help build a more recognisable brand.


The holistic ‘Wonderful World of Bickiepegs’ allows the brand to span a wide range of products. Each range has a different family of animals interacting with the product, and the bright yet soothing colours create an approachable feel. The new Bickiepegs packaging aims to capture parent’s attention and win their hearts, encouraging them to pick up or click on the packs and find out more.

As an established brand, the Bickiepegs logo was an important and recognisable asset, forming an anchor point for brand recognition. So it was important to treat the identity with care and respect. We softened the logo, moving away from the sharper, angular letters to a more modern simplified type style that feels softer and more sympathetic to the teething nature of the brand. The positioning of the logo and the dark blue colour has been retained to ensure it still has a strong presence on pack, and the ‘experts in teething’ message reflects the brands heritage.

“We knew the time was right to modernise Bickiepegs, but we just didn’t know how far we wanted to go - until we saw Design Activity’s concepts and were blown away. From those first concepts to the finished packaging design, very little has changed, and we love it! Feedback from the trade has been really positive and we’re very excited to launch our new ‘World of Bickiepegs”!

Chris Blincoe, Director