2020 Trends from Fjord

Every year Fjord (part of Accenture Interactive) work with a global network of over 1,200 creatives across 33 different studios and collectively envision the technological, digital and cultural trends that will be most important for organisations, employees and consumers in the coming year.

A great source of inspiration for our Bristol / Bath branded packaging design agency, here are the 3 creative/design specific trends identified for 2020.


1. Life-Centred Design

“As people’s focus of desirability, viability and feasibility moves from “me” to “we”, user-centred design will feel increasingly selfish. Design’s emphasis will need to switch toward design for all life.”

This approach looks to use design for the benefit of the collective, not just the individual.

This could be incorporating recycled materials into a product, using ‘vegan’ leathers or designing products so they can easily be dismantled and recycled instead of becoming landfill.

Winning brands will increasingly be those that help people navigate their ethical anxieties about consumption and deliver alternative engaging experiences.


2. Liquid People

“People still want to buy and work, but they don’t want to define themselves by their possessions or their jobs anymore. Brands must support individual customers’ increasingly changeable desires and their pursuit of greater meaning in their lives.”

Consumption habits are changing, and people perceive and define their identity and priorities in ever more fluid ways. This shift is driven by several factors including a growing understanding of mental health and wellbeing, climate change and sustainability. People now look for jobs, products and brands that align with their values, and this opens up opportunities for brands to provide new experiences, and design products and services that support customers’ increasingly changeable desires.


3. Designing Intelligence

“The next step for Artificial Intelligence is a generation of systems that blend it with human intelligence to empower people to cope with increasing complexity in the workplace, and enhance the human experience.”

Organisations must have better tools and more careful consideration for AI’s economic and social effects and understand the value of making it a part of the strategic decision-making process. The advancing technology also offers immeasurable opportunities for creative packaging and design, from being able to reimagine great works of art to designing innovative branded packaging and products.


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