Packaging Design: Create Intrigue through Storytelling

By Mark Stubbington
By Mark Stubbington
Storytelling is a bit of a marketing buzz word, but when today’s consumers are looking for memorable, engaging experiences from their brands, creating and delivering packaging intrigue through a consistent brand story can be a powerful tool.

The brilliance of storytelling is its ability to link all the touchpoints where brands connect with consumers. It enables the delivery of a well-crafted and consistent narrative across multiple touchpoints. Resulting in a mix of sensory moments, engaging narratives and intriguing ideas being embedded in consumers’ minds. Helping to create immediate connections as well as building long-term brand loyalty.


It all starts with the pack…

Packaging is an integral part of the consumer experience. It is often the first thing they see in-store or online. They see it, pick it up, hold it and hopefully take it home!

Using the packaging as the start point for storytelling ensures the all-important product shines at the centre of the stage. The story can then be expanded as it radiates out across all other consumer touchpoints.

But how can a relatively small piece of material really tell an engaging story?

Our Design Director Mark explores how both strategy and creativity play crucial roles…

Brand Relevance

For storytelling to be effective, it must be genuine and relevant. You must really hone in on what is at the core of your brand; what makes your brand unique; why would consumers engage with you?

Once the brand values are established, it’s essential that these are reflected through the packaging.


The ultimate goal is to get consumers to buy your product – ideally again and again!

So the product inside the packaging must be the hero. The best, most effective storytelling comes from being clear and single-minded about a products unique proposition.

Emotional Impact

There’s no denying the emotional impact that packaging has on consumers. Several studies have demonstrated that we subconsciously respond in different ways to visual stimuli.

Using the packaging to tell a story increases the emotional connection by providing more intrigue for consumers to discover underneath the face-value design.

 Crafting the Detail

Once all the strategic elements are aligned, the creativity can begin! The attention to detail and crafting of the design elements weave together to make the packaging more meaningful.

Every aspect of packaging must be carefully considered, as each works together to silently tell the brand story…

  • Set the scene with the right materials
  • Create distinction with structure and shape
  • Evoke an emotional response with colour
  • Create a tactile experience with texture
  • Utilise the unspoken language of typography
  • Create intrigue and discovery through imagery


So, what is the key to creating an engaging story through packaging?

A well thought-through strategy, brought to life through careful consideration of every aspect of the packaging.


We’d love to talk to you about creating intrigue through storytelling for your packaging.