Studio Life

Shaping Superpowers

Our unique mix of people shapes the business we are, and so in this series of Thought pieces, we celebrate our team, and give you an insight into the individual talents you’ll find at Design Activity!

Here we talk nocturnal lifestyles and needles with our new studio team member, Designer Ash.


What was your first job?

I started working in the Village Pub when I was 16. At first just washing dishes and general kitchen porter work but I quickly moved up to working behind the Bar. It was a great confidence booster for me, having the independence to go to work and earn my own money. And the social side was pretty good too!


Do you have any phobias?

Since I can remember I have always hated needles and would do anything to avoid them. As it turns out fate decided that I had to face my fear, when I found out that I had a rare condition resulting in rapid deterioration of my vision and the only cure involved injections directly into my eyes. Faced with a choice of overcoming my fear of needles or losing my vision was a no brainer – it’s pretty hard to be a designer if you can’t see.


If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I’ve always been quite a nocturnal person and find I’m often more productive at night, so if I could flip the day around to work all night and sleep all day I’d be in my element!


When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

My friends say I’m a good listener, so they often come to me just to get stuff off their chests. I’m good at listening, taking it all in and trying to offer an objective view to help support them. But often they don’t need help, just a sounding board.