Branding & Packaging

Packaging Design: Craft Beer gets deep


We recently teamed up with Lidl UK to create a brand identity and packaging design for their latest craft beer offering that would stand out to millennials.

The design takes inspiration from the stories and graphics of 1960’s TV series ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ to create 6 eye-catching design solutions.

We explored a range of territories and a design that would increase the presence of Hatherwood in-store, resulting in the aquatic theme, ‘Mysteries of the Deep.’

We built a brand identity for this range that looks edgy and nautical for both cans and bottles, using illustrated images inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Six key illustrations are used against a nautical colour palette featuring a distinctive nautical name.

Each of the three bottles feature a unique and collectable bottle top that echoes the illustration used on the label design.

Finally, we incorporated hops heads into the background illustration on each design to reference the different types of hops used for each brew. The hops illustrations are printed directly onto metallic substrate for both bottles and cans, offering the consumer further intrigue and providing a reference to the origins of the craft.

See the full project here