Shopper Marketing

Digital Image Optimisation

Consumer buying habits have been shifting more towards online shopping for some time now.

Infact 75% of the UK’s smartphone and tablet owners use their devices for online grocery shopping*. And the current unprecedented times we find ourselves in have accelerated this to be a buying habit that experts predict is here to stay.

So, if you’re using standard pack shots to sell your products online, you’re definitely missing a trick!

Many FMCG brands spend significant time and energy designing their products for impact on-shelf, but when standard pack images are reduced to the much smaller sizes required for online, much of the key consumer information is lost, and extra supporting copy has to be used to explain key features and benefits.

So many brands we’ve spoken to are finding this a real challenge, which is why we have developed a new service – Digital Image Optimisation – designed to maximise the clarity and stand-out of pack shots online, to help ensure consumers instantly identify, understand and therefore choose your products.

Our case studies from Tassimo and L’OR shown here demonstrate Digital Image Optimisation in action.


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[*source: Nielsen 2019]