Promotional Packaging

Limited Edition Packaging: Breaking the Mould


Limited Edition Packaging – it’s good to break the mould sometimes!

For almost 25 years, Design Activity packaging design agency, has been working with brands to take existing products beyond their core packaging.

For challengers and market leaders gift packaging, limited editions, on-pack promotions and range extensions are brave and inventive ways of making new connections with shoppers and extending a value proposition.

For a short period of time, brands can carefully break free from the brand guidelines to create something that helps to refresh their offering to win in a busy segment. Meet some of the fearless disrupters we had the pleasure of working with…

On-pack promotions

Vogel’s have been making bread since 1954 and have a range of speciality breads sold across all the major multiples in the UK. After the success of the previous two promotional campaigns, the brand decided to launch another promotional campaign aimed at boosting sales and brand recognition.

Seasonal Packaging

“A bold new look for our Easter packaging and DA pulled out all the stops to deliver in time. We are delighted with the new packs and I’m confident it will revitalise the brand and renew consumer engagement”

Karen Crawford
Managing Director, Elizabeth Shaw


Gift Packaging

We worked with Nivea to create some gift packs for Mother’s Day and gifts for men to elevate products beyond their everyday packaging to increase perceived value and make it looks special enough for gift giving.


Limited Edition Packaging

Only in circulation for a short period of time, limited edition packaging design needs to communicate to shoppers that they are distinctly different to the normal products and feel extra ‘special’ and retainable in some way.

Frijj wanted to fundamentally change the look of the pack. It was a really brave change and it made a huge difference to how consumers viewed their product.


Seasonal Gift Packaging

Our seasonal gift-packaging for Toblerone created a classic top up treat for that ‘someone special’.


If you’re looking to create some disruption, tell us about your project and we’ll see if we can help