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Make your packaging design Instagrammable!

By Kate Clayton
By Kate Clayton
We all know packaging design has the power to influence consumers and persuade them to purchase, but the way it does this is changing…

With the rise of the Digital Influencer, brands need to ensure their packaging looks stunning, amazing, beautiful – it has to be Instagrammable!

The statistics speak for themselves.

74% of 18-25 year olds share images of Packaging Design on social media*, and 86% of females are inspired by social media into buying products*.

If your core packaging design is already defined, you can still Make it Magnificent for those Digital Influencers through NPD, Gift Packaging and Limited Editions.

These can all help brands to carefully break free from brand guidelines, explore brave and differentiated packaging design, and develop new connections with consumers.


As a packaging design agency, Make it Magnificent is our mantra, built into everything we do, and we’d love to help inspire consumers to click and pick your products with bold, striking and well-crafted packaging design .

See how we’ve done this for other brands here.

We’d love to Make it Magnificent for your brand and packaging.



*source: Mintel 2018