Promotional Packaging

Understanding the mindset of a Gift Purchaser

I’m sure you’re already excited about the incremental growth Gift Packaging can offer for your brand, following our last article ‘Gift Packaging for Active Lifestyle brands’.

Gifting will encourage existing consumers to shop your brand more frequently, and help them spread the love, but there is also huge opportunity to reach a brand new audience – the Gift Purchaser.

With Gifting, the Purchaser is not the end user, and this creates a fundamental difference in consumer mindset. The Purchaser is driven by the desire to give gifts that are loved. Ultimately to make themselves look good in the recipient’s eyes, through the brands and products they give.

They may well have little or no previous knowledge of your brand, and so their decision is made much more objectively, on what the gift looks like and what perceived value it holds. Understanding their mindset is critical in order to engage this new audience with gift packaging they cannot ignore.


5 Key Ways to Attract a Gift Purchaser 


1. Decisions, Decisions

The Gift Purchaser is constantly thinking “will they like this”, “will this make me look good?” So, relevance to the recipient is key.

With 63% of the UK population claiming to be physically active* a gift from an Active Lifestyle brand is already a win.


2. Do Judge the Pack by its Cover

Unique pack formats create the ultimate desirability and amplify the value over and above the products inside.

Functional, usable packaging like a small Gym Bag ensures the gift offers much more, and if you can drive ‘exclusivity’ through these formats being only available as part of the Gift Pack and not something that can be purchased on their own, the ‘this will make me look good’ appeal will be irresistible.


3. Mix It Up

A diverse mix of products gives the Gift Purchaser reassurance that there are definitely products in the gift pack that the receiver will use.

Combining everyday products with something more unique or new, provides the perfect mix of reassurance and intrigue.


4. Shining Stars

Your brand has amazing Ambassadors, and Gift Packaging is a perfect place to showcase them.

The Purchaser wants to be reassured that the recipient will love the gift, and if they recognise an aspirational athlete or household name they know they won’t go wrong.

Star Power also blows the doors wide for linked promotions, with the chance to win unique experiences like Star training sessions or exclusive signed items. Vastly increasing the perceived value of the Gift Pack.


5. Ultimate Brand Experience

This is a real WOW factor gift pack, with an impressive offering that the Purchaser knows will make them look great. We’re talking a mega mix of product, merchandise and exclusive opportunities to win.

There will be a higher price attached, but the perceived value is undeniable.

This type of gift pack also offers the perfect opportunity to build brand loyalty with the recipient, through a more immersive brand experience.


Your brand is no doubt focused on how your typical consumer thinks and behaves, and rightly so. However, to tap into the incremental growth that gifting can offer, you need to engage the Gift Purchaser – a different audience with a different mindset.

With several years’ experience creating Gift Packs for a wide range of brands, including those in Active Lifestyle categories, tapping into these new audience mindsets is what we do best.

Find out more about how we can help you connect with new audiences.


[*source: 2019]