Build transparency using your ‘Digital Pack Imagery’


Use your ‘digital pack imagery’ to increase transparency and build stronger connections

As packaging design consultants, the brands we work with often find it a challenge to fit everything onto the surface of a pack.

People are looking to make deeper and more authentic connections with the brands they buy from – beyond what can be squeezed on and inside the pack at a 6pt font size.

78% of consumers place brand transparency at the top of the list when it comes to choosing which brand to shop with, and 73% of people would spend more on a product where the brand is offering “complete transparency.” (Source: labelinsight)

As people become more knowledgeable about brands, their needs are changing and they are looking for products that align with their values and lifestyles more closely, so the more information that can be provided up front, the greater the chance of making a connection with a consumer early on. They could even become an ambassador if authentic connections can be made…

Here’s a quick checklist of things you might consider including:

  • Company values
  • Health claims (sugar content, allergens etc.)
  • Eco Creds (organic, sustainable, accredited)
  • Ingredients ratios
  • How is it made
  • Where is it made
  • Origins of Ingredients
  • Who makes it and how
  • Collaborations and connections
  • Packaging materials
  • How to recycle the physical pack and how this is facilitated

But, where will it all go?

There is an answer to this and we describe it as ‘digital packaging’. It offers an opportunity for brands to build stronger connections with consumers extending beyond the physical pack.

Imagine your carefully sourced ingredients bursting into life from online visuals or animations of your pack to build a consumers knowledge of where it was sourced from. Or, what about beautifully crafted 360-degree renders of your online pack revealing more information than the physical pack can in-store?

86% of consumers pre-research their buys online before making a purchase either online or in-store (Source: Disruptive Advertising 2018), so creating memorable digital experiences provides an abundance of opportunity for FMCG brands.

Why is transparency important?

As we’ve touched on, people have a desire to know a lot more about what they are buying. The changing demands and trends are affecting a wide range of categories we work with, from those where consumers are likely to be spending more such as mobile and tech, to sectors such as food and beverage, which closely relate to health and wellbeing trends, such as:

  1. an increasing concern about sustainability – global awareness of the plastic epidemic and barriers to recycling.
  2. rising health concerns around child obesity, diabetes and a growing fitness/active lifestyle culture as people live longer and want to try and stay healthy.

Make the most of how your packaging is experienced within the digital world

A lack of transparency can generate mistrust, which can be damaging for brands when it comes to building brand loyalty. So now is the time to get strategic and look at how digital packaging can amplify your brand’s superpowers!

Not all of these may be relevant to your brand, but here are a few questions to consider:

  • Is your packaging ‘Instagrammable’?
  • How’s your packaging looking on social media?
  • Are any elements of your packaging interactive?
  • Do you provide a 360-degree view of your brand via your packaging experience?
  • Does the on-screen experience of your branded packaging effectively communicate your brand values?
  • Have you created a consistent buying experience across all consumer touchpoints?

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