Design Studio Life: Shaping Superpowers

Our unique mix of people shapes the business we are, and so in this series of Thought pieces, we want to celebrate our team, and give you an insight into the individual talents you’ll find at Design Activity!


What is your motto in life?

“Do less, better”. I try to put this into action at work and at home. In the studio we’ve evolved our whole ethos around this, focusing the work we do around our core skills rather than saying yes to anything we’re asked to do. It’s had a massively positive effect on the studio team and on the work we produce for our clients.

This works at home too, as like everyone, I have a lot of plates spinning, but it definitely works better to focus on finishing one thing properly before starting the next.


If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you do?

I’d make the most of the fact that the extra money would mean I have more time, and I’d use that time to work on self-initiated creative projects. I’m always spotting design-based product and packaging challenges that I’d love to solve. Like ‘why isn’t there a hair removal cream specifically designed for Men?’ or ‘why is cereal still double packaged?’. But in everyday life it’s hard to find that extra time.


What’s your favourite film and why?

I love movies, in particular the Action and Adventure genre – I love the fantasy and escapism of them. You can often find me at the cinema on my own enjoying getting properly immersed in the full impact of a big budget action movie, 3D glasses on and surrounded by all the snacks.

As for picking a favourite, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is right up there, but it’s hard to choose one overall, there are just so many great films, and also what I want to watch will be different depending on what I feel like that day.


Why did you decide to become a Designer?

I’ve always loved how design can be used to solve problems, and I genuinely wanted to make a difference.

My starting point was product design, looking to solve problems through innovative structures and physical products, but soon discovered that with branding and packaging I could mix the structural side with my love for graphic design.

You also can’t beat the feeling of seeing something on-shelf and knowing I was part of the creative process to bring that product to life.