Design Agency Life: Celebrating Superpowers

Our unique mix of people shapes the agency we are, and so in this series of Thoughts pieces we give you an insight into the unique and individual talents you’ll find at Design Activity.

 Here we’re talking with Design Director and Business Owner, Mark.


What’s the best way to start the day?

Well, the only way to start the day for me is having a 3yr old jump on my head and a 4yr old prodding me! But when they combine this with ‘daddy you’re my best friend’, you just can’t argue.


What was your first job?

‘Extreme Car Cleaning’ for a local sales garage. It sounds like a new weird and wonderful sport, but the reality was that most of the vehicles came from local farms and were so trashed with mud, animal fur and who knows what else, that we had to completely strip out the cars before even attempting to clean them. But we did an amazing job – so much so that someone even bought his original car back after it had been cleaned – for more money than he sold it to the garage!


What inspires you?

Definitely watching people do things that I never could. Like Sir Ranulph Fiennes climbing Everest. It’s amazing and inspiring, like watching real life superheroes.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I love creating designs that surprise and excite people – whether those people are clients, colleagues or friends – when someone reacts to something I’ve created it’s a real buzz.


You’ve recently become one of the Business Owners, what’s been the biggest challenge?

Having to change my mindset into thinking about more than just myself has been interesting. I now have to really think about and do the right thing for everyone – it’s not about being selfish, or about what’s right for me anymore.


What luxury would you have on a Desert Island?

An endless supply of Tea. What more can I say, simple pleasures.