Blood, Sweat and Cheers!

It’s 25 years since our Bristol design agency was established, so in celebration we’ve designed our own unique party hats!
Can you guess who’s who?

Rikki’s our ideas man. He’s also into all things Marvel. Hence his superhero hat. Apart from his obvious design superpowers he’d love to have a cloaking ability, to make more designs happen better and faster.


In the week Liz is our ultra-professional office manager, making sure DA runs without a hitch. On the weekend, she’s a heavy metal gig going, steam punk enthusiast and an Airsoft shooting nutter.


Andrew’s tenaciousness is legendary. He quite literally is like a dog with a bone and also loves to sniff out a good deal. He loves his dachshund’s so much he’s even got a statue of one in his garden. Woof.


Matt has three loves in his life. Golf, artwork and err golf. Artwork requires precision, as does golf, hence Matt’s artwork inspired golf hat. Although he’ll freely admit picking Pantones is easier than Putting.


Kate’s messy hat really doesn’t do her justice. Reliable, considerate, hard-working, organised, professional there aren’t enough words to describe Kate’s account management skills. Ok one more… awesome!


Mark is often described as Mr Black & White, and not because he only designs in monochrome. He’s also got an eye for detail, a taste for tea and an ear for country blues music. Yee-haw.


Hannah’s hat is an ice cream. She really likes ice cream, Cornwall and surfing, but mainly ice cream. If her design skills could be described as a flavour it would have to be strawberry. Nothin’ wrong with that.


There once was a man called Jon Wilson

Whose BBQ skills were quite fearsome

While his sausages were cooking, he took a client booking

And the food he served up was still awesome!