Engaging Storytelling through Packaging Design

New brands entering the market know that Storytelling needs to be at their core, and established brands are starting to weave it into everything they do.

It might be a marketing buzzword but it’s arguably the most powerful tool for creating memorable, engaging experiences for your consumers.

Your brand story weaves its way through all consumer touchpoints, delivering a well-crafted and consistent narrative whenever they see or interact with you.

This creation of consistent, engaging narratives and intriguing ideas help spark that immediate connection, and over time becomes embedded in consumers’ minds, building long-term brand loyalty.

Packaging design that embodies your brand story

Packaging design is an integral part of your consumers’ experience. It is the physical, tangible version of your brand story. Whether they’ll find it in a physical shop, or it’s delivered to their door, they see it, pick it up, hold it and hopefully share it with their community.

But how can a relatively small piece of packaging really embody your engaging story?

Our Design Director Mark discusses how both Strategy and Creativity play crucial roles…

“We love getting to know a new client. We want to know everything about you, your brand, your products, your market and get inspired by your passion.

Then crucially, we immerse ourselves in your brand story, working together to develop a strategic brief that will enable the translation of your story into the creative execution of your packaging design.

There’s no denying the emotional impact that packaging design has on consumers. Several studies have demonstrated that we subconsciously respond to visual stimuli. So, ensuring your packaging design is a true embodiment of your brand story will provide intrigue, enticing consumers to want to explore your brand and find out more.

The strategic brief carefully considers each packaging design element to ensure they all work together to tell the brand story, and once all the strategic elements are aligned, the creativity can begin!

  • Set the scene with the right materials
  • Create distinction with structure and shape
  • Evoke an emotional response with colour
  • Create a tactile experience with texture
  • Utilise the unspoken language of typography
  • Create intrigue and discovery through imagery

So, what is the key to creating packaging design that truly embodies your brand story?

A well thought-through strategy brought to life through careful consideration of every creative element.”


We’d love to talk about how your packaging design really can embody your engaging brand story.