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Brand & Packaging: Shaking up the Nigerian snack market

We were approached by a leading Nigerian company, Sweetco, who were looking to develop and launch a new range of Snacks. Their background was traditionally in Confectionery, but they had spotted a gap in the savoury snacks market and saw an opportunity to fill it.

The UK snacking market is relatively mature in the sense of how the category has been sub-branded, and how product ranges have been developed to target a specific audience or age profile – which is quite different to that of the market in Nigeria.

The nature of design coming out of the UK is also more accomplished and so it was for these two reasons that Sweetco approached Design Activity, a UK agency, to give them a strategic and creative edge and achieve better stand out in the Nigerian market.

Sweetco came to us with only the product – our remit was to develop strategic territory platforms; naming for the overarching brand; individual product naming and then combine all of this to create the brand visual identity and packaging design.

The result is a vibrant and colourful range of snacks, designed to standout in a typical Nigerian outlet.

The distinctive brand identity – ‘Zing’ – has been designed to be bold and uncomplicated, replicating the likes of the UK ‘big brand’ logos. This will help build brand awareness through being recognisable, credible and memorable.

Using images of the products themselves ensures instant identification on-shelf, and clear flavour cues come through in the colours and imagery used on pack.

An impactful and impressive new snack brand ready to ‘Zing’ in the Nigerian market!


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