Sustainable Packaging: is your brand doing ‘the right’ thing?

By Kate Clayton
By Kate Clayton
When we say, ‘do the right thing,’ we’re not talking about just jumping on the sustainable packaging band-wagon. We mean be truthful and realistic about what’s achievable.

We help clients to create beautiful, functional and effective packaging, so it looks good on-shelf, on-screen and in-store. But as consumer demands change due to increased awareness of the real cost of packaging to our world and our future, one thing that is increasingly difficult to ignore is sustainability.

Some brands may stand still, paralysed by lack of knowledge and the scale of corporate change from within, but if brands are to survive, they will need to consider re-imagining their brand and how it will live in a world where consumer pressure dictates change.

There are many different levels of how to build sustainability into packaging design, and it has to be right for your brand, your consumers, and your business objectives.

There’s no way to cut corners, sustainability is such a complex subject, but we are an agency that wants to help brands to make a start – to make their first move and start considering how central sustainability should or can be to their packaging.

Sustainability Questionnaire

The time to start thinking about sustainability is before a creative brief is written. This way it becomes an integral part of the design process.

With this in mind our design and account management teams have developed a Sustainability Questionnaire, to help highlight and explore some of the key issues at the pre-briefing stage, including:

  • Is there a genuine willingness to change within your business?
  • Is your brand and the wider category a target of growing consumer backlash?
  • Is there obvious scope to improve your packaging from a sustainable perspective (ie less plastic; less packaging; recyclability)
  • Are you open minded to structural re-engineering of your pack, even if this means increasing the cost of goods?
  • How adaptable is your supply chain?

The aim of the questionnaire is to empower brands to be honest and realistic before any design work starts. It also enables us to challenge and impart our knowledge and expertise to help collaboratively develop brand strategies with a sustainable angle.


Brands have an opportunity to be better and to do better because that’s what consumers are looking for and we want to help to make it happen by helping brands develop truthful, realistic and achievable sustainable goals.

If you’d like to find out more, or request a free copy of our Sustainability Questionnaire, please email us: