Your customers’ first impression of your product
is the box it comes in. Don’t let them down.


More consumers are shopping online than ever before.
Your packaging is their new real-life experience. Their interaction
with your brand starts here, with the opening of your package.

Creative solutions

We design bespoke solutions tailored to your product. Our innovative structural designs explore a range of solutions that meet your brief. Giving you options on what looks best and works best – two completely different things.

Technical know how

We’ll make sure your box not only looks good but works! Our cardboard engineers will prototype your box and liase with printers to ensure it works. Sourcing the right materials for your project and testing them to ensure all the closures, fittings and tabs work as expected.

Product protection

Your product has to get from factory to consumer in one piece. Damage to boxes or product will result in returns costing your business not just money, but reputation. Whilst double-walled boxes protect from the outside, bespoke inner constructions and packaging materials will protect even the most delicate of cargo.

Opening theatre

All the effort pays off. The branding, graphics and material of the box further entices the customer to open it. The theatre of the box opening creates a wow factor and adds a dimension the consumer wasn’t expecting – adding value. Your packaging has delivered and now it’s over to your product to work its magic.