Small Changes, Big Results

As with many creative agencies, having a more flexible in-house vs at-home working approach has long been a subject of conversation at Design Activity, but the challenges involved have always proved to be too large a risk to take – until we had no choice.

While many of us have a natural adversity to change, when push comes to shove, humans are amazing at adapting, and our team is no exception. Everyone really embraced remote working and we’ve had one of our busiest years and produced some of our best creative. So for us, this will continue to be how we work for the foreseeable future.

We’ve transformed our studio into a Creative Hub, where we have the option to go and work whenever we want or remain working from home. The team are empowered to make this choice themselves and can mix and match as they like.

This change, which has infact been so easy to adapt to, is also having a significantly positive effect on our environment.

Our team travel from all over Bristol and Bath, and so travel miles have always been high. Because of this we were interested to see the number of commuting miles saved during the first 12 months of remote working and were pretty staggered by the outcome.

We’ve calculated that over the course of this year, we have reduced commutes by 60,660 miles, which equates to a massive 30t of CO2 emissions NOT being released.

To put this into perspective, estimate that the average annual amount of CO2 generated by a single person in the EU is 8t CO2.

In order to stop climate change, the maximum amount of CO2 that should be generated by a single person in a year is 0.600t CO2 – which is a staggeringly reduced number.

Across our 10 staff the reduced commuting is saving on average 3t CO2 per person over the course of the year, which is a big step in getting our individual 8t down to 5t just on commuting alone!

This has certainly opened our eyes to what else we can and should be doing as a business to help reduce our impact on the world. After all, small changes add up to big results.