Box Packaging Solutions

Box packaging – the new real-life experience

By Mark Stubbington
By Mark Stubbington

Focus is shifting from a real-life interaction with products in shops, to ‘in the home’. Now more than ever the emphasis on bespoke box packaging and the experience of opening an online purchase is growing. A consumers’ first real experience of your brand is often the box it arrives in – get it right and give your brand the best chance of succeeding.

After seeing a product online from multiple angles and probably with some enticing marketing support, a consumer has little idea how their latest purchase will arrive in their home. Most of us have bought something from Amazon and know what to expect. But this is altogether different when buying direct from a brand website or supplier.

A lot of companies put a great deal of emphasis on the product itself which is only right but neglect the process in which it is picked, handled and sent via post. Protecting a product seems to be the one and only goal for most companies sending by post but this is no longer enough.

The receiving and opening experience should be considered as this is the first impression a consumer has of your product and brand. Instore you get the full experience and this should be extended to the outer box and how it’s opened to give the best impression and to allow the consumer to experience something more than just opening a badly taped up, ill-fitting box.

The materials used make a big difference. How it feels and looks are being judged.
Non-reusable or non-recyclable materials are a big no-no. Consumers are very conscious of single-use plastics and expect the outer packaging to be re-usable or easily recycled and many companies are slowly starting to realise this.

Successful brands have bespoke box packaging solutions

Try and create something that’s going to expand your brand experience in the hand, at home. The values and purpose of your brand and product should be conveyed through the outer box packaging to extend the real-life enjoyment of receiving a parcel and opening it.

This can be achieved in multiple ways and can include a variety of combinations to make your outer packaging unique.

• Bespoke box structure to fit your product properly
• Bespoke structure to be unique from competition
• Bespoke inserts that hold multiple products of varying sizes
• Consistency of brand image and design on the box
• Inside printing
• Packing and protection
• Materials to reflect your brand values and protect the environment

Agency v printer

It will be cheaper to go straight to a box printer or manufacturer. They will be able to offer you a very cheap price on design because they are fulfilling your print order. However if you want to go the extra mile and approach your box packaging from a brand experience perspective it is best to go with a design agency. Our consumer retail knowledge and branding expertise allow us to approach things from the consumers perspective. Whilst this will be more costly it will add value to your brand, packaging and give you a competitive edge over your competition. We work with box prototyping companies and printers to offer the complete all round experience, which combined with our cardboard engineering expertise in-house can make a real difference to your brand.

We call our design service for this ‘Box Clever’ – find out more here.