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Gift Packaging: increase sales and drive incremental growth

By Rikki Payne
By Rikki Payne
Over the years we have created gift packs for a wide range of different brands, developing a wealth of knowledge and experience in these ‘special’ pack designs.

Today’s market conditions are right for gift packaging to a be success. Consumers want to buy interesting gifts and retailers are looking to stock them.

Rikki (Design Director of our packaging design agency Bath) shares some insights into why and how gift packs are an opportunity not to be missed!


Why Gift Packs?

Brands are continually faced with the challenges of find new ways to increase awareness, engage with new consumers and build loyalty.

Gift packaging offers a great opportunity for almost all brands, as it can allow a brand to carefully break free from guidelines, explore brave and differentiated packaging design, and develop new connections with consumers.

The potential gift packaging has as an all-year-round opportunity for driving incremental growth is significant. It can…

  • Increase sales opportunities beyond every day products.
  • Increase visibility in-store through additional SKU’s and multiple site merchandising.
  • Reach potential customers (gift recipients) who have not yet bought into your brand.
  • Attract new customers through exciting and differentiated offerings.
  • Encourage existing consumers to shop the brand more frequently.
  • Build brand loyalty through a new experience.
  • Engage and excite retailers with new and innovative offerings.


Is Gifting for my Brand?

Gifting in the conventional sense is not something that would naturally be associated with every kind of FMCG product, but recent changes in the market indicate that there is a growing demand for different and innovative offerings…to capture consumers’ drive to give gifts that resonate well with their peers and ultimately reflect better on themselves!


Creating a Gift Pack

The rules and strategies behind the creation of gift packaging are different from that of standard packaging design and so it’s important to understand this before you embark…

1. The Buyer is not the User

This is probably the most fundamental difference. Gift packs are not bought by the end user, and so it’s key to consider the differences between the buyer and the recipient to ensure your gift pack appeals to both audiences.

2.  Brand Consistency

Gift packs are a great way to disrupt at fixture and differentiate from the core packaging. However, there needs to be a careful balance, to ensure that the core brand equities and vision are still reflected.

3. The Look

Striking the right balance between branding, product visibility, graphic styling and structure is key. Research has shown that a gift buyers decision making criteria for gift packaging is different from when they buy standard products.

4. Perceived Value

Gifts in their nature need to feel more luxurious/special. The packaging design plays an important role in this, using structure and print finishes to elevate the gift proposition.

5. Careful Consideration

A gift buyer wants to know the recipient will like and use products contained within the gift pack, so careful consideration must be given to the mix of content. This includes the type of core brand products as well as any added extra gifts.


Our packaging design agency pride ourselves in being able to take brands beyond their core packaging and fully embracing the challenge of carefully breaking free from brand guidelines – if only for a short period of time!

To find out more about gift packaging or if you’re interested in exploring how gifting could increase your sales and drive incremental growth, say