Packaging Design

Doidy Cup: Packaging Refresh

Developed in 1950, the Doidy Cup is tried and trusted in baby weaning.

Its unique design helps children learn from as early as 3mths to drink from an open cup (rather than from a spout or a teated bottle) which is highly recommended by Health Visitors and Dentists.

The product is exceptional, but as competition in the market for similar products was increasing, the owners wanted to ensure the packaging for this ‘original’ product was able to compete successfully in-store and online.

The packaging already had some good things going on, and so our collaborative process with the brand owners led to the strategic decision to do a packaging Refresh rather than a complete Redesign.

  • The unique pouch style packaging format has been retained to help differentiation on shelf and online. The pouch is also now 100% recyclable, as well as being completely resealable and reusable – to keep the cup clean during transit.


  • The brand logo has been simplified, to allow greater focus on the product itself, while retaining the same font and colour ensures it is still prominent and recognisable.


  • The introduction of curved shapes on pack bring a little fun to the design and help reflect the USP of the product while the large shaped window draws the eye to ensure the product is hero.


  • Information hierarchy has been changed to help consumer navigation and new wording used to better reflect the terminology parents are currently using in this category – to ensure clear understanding of the product.


  • The back of pack has been completely redesigned to be an extension of the front – friendly, informative and easy to read.


  • There is now just one international packaging design to simplify the complexity of supplying global distributors and international customers like Amazon.

A parent-friendly packaging update, and a future proofed graphic style which is designed to be easily adapted for upcoming new product launches.

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