Studio Life

A new chapter begins…


Once upon a time, nestled deep within the rolling hills of the West Country, was a small design agency with a great big creative heart. You’ve never met such a lovely bunch of people, and from the very beginning they only ever wanted to help brands.

Over the years the world around them changed, becoming louder and flashier and their own voice fell quiet and lost. No matter what they did; how hard they tried; how many awards they won or how loud they thought they shouted, the brands just couldn’t hear them above all the other noise.

They had so much creativity to give, that their little hearts were breaking and they couldn’t take it anymore.

Tears came pouring out until the studio turned into a lake of despair. Gasping for breath in the tear-filled studio they realised they couldn’t carry on like this.

There was only one ‘thing’ they could do, and that ‘thing’ was CHANGE.

If they were honest with themselves, deep down they had known this day would come – but the reality of it was scary, it was unfamiliar, it was frightening.

The word CHANGE echoed around the water-logged studio. “Can we really do that?” “It doesn’t sound like us”. “What if people don’t recognise us?” The excuses kept coming, but the fact remained the same. They couldn’t carry on being ignored, they just had too much creativity to give.

So why did it seem so scary? It really wasn’t – they just needed to be brave.

At that moment, a spark ignited. The lake of despair evaporated, and fireworks of possibility exploded in their minds. This small design agency with its great big creative heart could suddenly see the world through a brighter, more vibrant lens.

This is our story of change, and it’s happening right now.