Vogel's have been making bread since 1954 and have a range of speciality breads sold in major multiples throughout the UK. After the success of two previous promotional campaigns, the brand decided to launch a third campaign to boost sales and brand recognition.





To create a takeover promotional pack design to catch the attention of the bread shopper and stands out against the competition. The design had to be a move on from the previous pack whilst maintaining Vogel's mantra of being ‘at one with nature’.





A set of four animal takeover packs create an engaging and visually striking range. Each pack features a quintessential and well loved British wildlife animal to tie in with Vogel's ethos of being ‘at one with nature’. This also links to the promotion of winning a fabulous glamping holiday with Canopy and Stars.


Vogels Packaging design duck
Vogels promotional packaging design otter
Vogels promo packaging
Vogels Bread promotional packaging