We create market leading redesigns.


Helping both challenger and established brands with innovative packaging redesigns ranging from strategic move on to ‘wild card’ category breaker.


Delve deep into your brand to understand your values and vision


Identify and amplify key factors that connect your brand to the consumer


Create concepts designed and engineered to

out-perform the market


Maximise on-shelf appeal

with designs that deliver incremental sales


Indigo Herbs design packaging and brand redesigned

What are your challenges?


Whether steeped in tradition or set in your ways, the thought of change can be a massive barrier to a re-design. Brands can't afford to stand still, they are always under threat from the latest new innovator to the market. You need to overcome the fear of change or risk being left behind.


How we do it...


We understand that heritage can be very important to any re-design, so we investigate your brands origins to discover and highlight elements of the brand story that are relevant to the current market based on consumer trends and insights. This DNA becomes an integral part of the creative brief.


Hatherwood Craft Beer packaging redesign by Design Activity

What are your challenges?


You want the re-design of your branded proposition at retail to challenge convention, but you don’t want this to be at the expense of alienating your existing loyal consumer base.

How do you strike the right balance?

How we do it...


Through consumer research and market insight, we establish the key purchase factors that motivate consumers to buy your product. Combined with current market tends we pin-point and amplify these key factors to create a stronger connection between your brand and its audience.


Nuby packaging transformed by Design Activity

What are your challenges?


When embarking on a redesign of your brand there will be lots of questions; How far can we push it? How will the trade and consumers react? The challenge is to clearly identify where on the re-design scale of change you want your new brand and packaging to be positioned.


How we do it...


We challenge the scope of the brief, working on a scale of evolution to revolution. This range of concepts allows you to see how far your brand can stretch to meet your objectives, whilst providing us with the latitude to explore how market trends and key messages can be overlaid with your brands tone of voice.



Vogel's promotional packaging design

What are your challenges?


Tactical packaging activity delivering a seasonal or promotional message is a great way of encouraging more consumers in to your brand. Make the message too small underplays the opportunity, but a graphic takeover might compromise the brands integrity…where’s the sweet spot?

How we do it...


We maximize gifting, seasonal and promotional opportunities by creating a big idea or theme that resonates with the brands target audience that works with the brands values. This provides a greater opportunity to achieve stunning on-pack graphics that strike the right balance between brand equities and the campaign.


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