Dorset Drum cheese packaging design by Design Activity
Dorset Drum cheese rebranded by Design Activity
Dorset Drum Farmhouse Cheddar redesigned by Bristol design agency Design Activity






Dorset Drum: a product of England with the export market in mind




Made on a farm in Dorset for generations, Dorset Drum is an English Farmhouse Cheddar with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The cheese is an extremely popular export in the American and German markets because of its English heritage and the unique way the cheddar is held in a wax truckle.




Feedback from markets suggested the current brand and packaging was looking dated compared to its competitors. DA were briefed to update the brand and the packaging with the export market in mind. The overall goal was to make the packaging more premium, modernise the look and feel and enhance the British credentials.




In our research we discovered that the Dorset drum was conceived by a Naval drummer boy who would have been on a ship during Admiral Lord Nelson’s fleet, commanded by an ancestor of one of the Farms‘ Partners, Henry Hood. This provided the direction for capturing the brand story on-pack. We identified that only 2 of the 7 panels available on the hexagon were being used to convey the design with the rest being used for text, so we decided to go bold and to utilise the entire hexagonal box as the canvas for the design.




We recreated Dorset Drum's key equity, ‘The Drummer Boy’ by modernising the style and making him the prouder face of the brand. A moderated Union Jack has been dialled up to appeal to the export market as consumers look for this as a mark of quality. The logotype has been redesigned to make it stronger on pack for better standout. We removed all the surplus elements from front of pack and simplified the design, creating packaging worthy of the quality cheese inside.